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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Stolen Art - Returned Art

I always knew that at some point, someone would steal my art. I often pondered how it would make me feel and how I would react. While the 3 pieces of art that were stolen had a monetary value of $800.00, and cost me 3 weeks of labor, it represents something even greater. When I create art, I do so out of an internal need to create. I pour my love and prayers into my art. I believe that the act of creation is the goal and reward. I also believe that every piece of art I create has a home. I and the shop or gallery owner have responsibility to provide foster care until the art is adopted. I feel badly for the store owner who has been faced with such negative vibes. I pray for peace. I most of all feel badly for the thief. I feel badly for the desperation that has driven them to break the law of truth and honesty. I feel badly that their lifes journey has stolen their goodness and I can assure you, that they must live within the world they have created. I pray for reconciliation. I pray that the thief will look carefully at the art which was stolen and allow it to bring healing and reconciliation. The art was created with this intent. I created this art with love and in the spirit of pastorship. May this art serve as the turning point. You can give up on the old and embrace the new. You can embrace truth and love and feel whole and you can rise above that which has stolen so much from you. Do not be afraid to embrace the light.

UPDATE. My art was returned to me today. There was a lot of public pressure and awareness. The images of the gentlemen were splashed on FB and shared well over 300 times. Since the thieves live in North Bay, it became impossible to escape recognition and they made a better choice this time. The art was returned. I applaud their decision to embrace the light.