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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Playing in the Rainbows

I'm having a great time playing in my sandbox. I decided I need to do more than one painting at a time. I have room on my table for two. Well If I was neat and organized I could probably do four. But I like my stuff every where so two is enough.

I am exploring a theme...RAINBOWS. I am loving the way the colours come together and compliment each other. I have been playing with a number of themes within the rainbow. I have been having fun using White Paper and maintaining a white much as I can. I am a slob and its all I can do from keeping my splatters, smudges and fingerprints off the white.

I am going to sit here and paint rainbows until there is world peace or until Christ returns to claim the ones who love Him.....whichever comes first.