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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I have seen many depictions of Thunderbird. Some have held true to the fierce awesomeness with embellished flashing eyes and lightning from the wing tip, as they stand on guard or defeat their foes. Some depictions of Thunderbird are meak and almost sorrowful. Its like you can feel their pain...the pain they feel on behalf of humanity.

There are many thunderbird legends, fables, and many stories amongst aboriginals across the planet. The thunderbird is feared yet reveared. The thunderbird has supernatural powers and strengths. A thunderbird can bring rain amidst drought. It would be the thunderbird, whos awesome wings flapped to create the thunder and lightning. Yes a mighty powerful supernatural being, which in many ways, reflects the awesomeness of the creator. I read that only thunderbirds could talk directly to the Great Spirit. I get the sense from my research that one is best freinds with a thunderbird than enemies. The good news is that as long as one leads a righteous life, then the thunderbird is not going to get pissed off, and slaughter oneself.

The Thunderbird relationship with man and God is parralel to mans relationship with God through Christ. Christ was a Thunderbird! I dont want to upset anyone as this kinda just fell on my keyboard. so I'm gonna stop for a sec and ridicule myself......OK I'm back. It is a picture of man and God relationship. Thunderbird is the enlightened one. Thunderbird has God like power, yet takes orders from The Great Spirit. Everything from justice to Righteousness.

Using this logic, we who are one with spirit, in effect, are thunderbirds. I am young thunderbird as I'm just starting to get it. I see many thunderbirds now, most notable being those who are standing up for the Copper Thunderbird, Norval Morrisseau.

"Thunderbird Guide" Copyright don wright 2010

I am called to be a Thunderbird by the Great Spirit
and this painting is my Thunderbird Guide.
My Thunderbird is a teaching Thunderbird
and has no need for lightning eyes.
My Thunderbird Guide has a soul body 
painted in two shades of soul pleasing blue.
This peaceful colour is reflected from my eyes
and again in the great circle too.
My wingtips are not jagged, but peaceful
and painted passionate deep red
as the Great Spirit shines above my head.
My Thunderbird Guide
reaches for me with claws of certainty,
and breathes knowledge to my name