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Sunday, 9 May 2010

"In Loving Memory of Oliver"

"In Loving Memory of Oliver" copyright 2010 don wright

 Our friend Oliver died the other day. He died too young. He died of a broken heart. We are going to mourn the loss with his family today, mothers day. I painted this for Olivers mom yesterday. It is a picture of the transition and translation of Oliver Bodemann. I tried to provide the medicines of love and peace and unity. Everyone talks about the great light and so I wanted Oliver to bask in it. I built the painting based on fours and circles, which are symbols of the creators perfection and provide a framework of balance. I tried to use a soul pleasing blue in Oliver and around the great light to signify how he is now one with the great spirit. I put Christ's cross in his body for it is Christ who prepared Olivers way back to the creator.