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Friday, 30 April 2010

Seed of Creation

"Seed of Creation" Copyright don wright 2009

I had a good chuckle, because I have an opportunity to possibly put my paintings in a gallery. I have to have six pieces for the gallery and six pieces on reserve as stock or portfolio. I chuckle because I've pretty much given away most of my paintings. I had made the decision that I didnt want to sit and look at my own art. I felt it was best if I shared them with the people they were destined for.

I gave this one to my buddy Ron because he is my theological and philosophical sparring partner. We have helped each other in our search for understanding. I specifically shared this with Ron because he gets it. He understands what I am trying to say here. He received this gift with great gratitude which truly made me feel uplifted.

This painting is a culmination of my own understanding of creation and re-creation after the flood. My Anishinaabe brothers share the deeper understanding and appreciation of flood epic, and re-birth. I had read that while Noah had an ark, the Son of the creator had a turtle. This turtle, is a picture of salvation and the creators magnificent grace. In the turtle, I put the seed of creation. For me, this is Jesus. This is source. The circle of duality is the tension of being fully God, yet fully man. The pink ray that divides the sky from the water and acts as womb for the seed, is the very spirit of God.

All my painting stuff is "put away" until I am relocated. I have a few more paintings to give away and then I will have nothing, except a really really big desire TO PAINT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!