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Friday, 26 March 2010

In The Garden

"In The Garden Collection" Copyright don wright 2009

I miss my paint brush. As I look around my house I see a sterile white institution. My colours are gone, my beloved "clutter" is in storage. I have people daily "viewing" my "house". Now spring is here and I want to be in the garden. I want my colours back.

I promised to stop painting until I had all my responsibilities sorted and until my house sold and we were re-established. Well my manic brain is thinking differant. I am feeling a little trapped.

I painted this series using my rudimentary and juvinile talents to express God's mighty provisions for us. The vines are Gods gifts to us, bringing peace, love, healing, sustinence, connectivity. All we need has been provided by our magnificent creator.

Of course, these paintings were inspired by Norval Morrisseau, as I have been studying his art and learning Anishinaabe culture and history.

I have already given away two of these paintings. While I am attached to these pieces, I beleive it will do me no earthly good to hang on to them. I know I will give them all away. They are destined to go to the people who they are intended for. Who are they intended for?...I dunno...yet. I knew for sure two of them and thus they are no longer in my possession.

My art, as young and unevolved as it is, is still an expression from my heart using only spirit and mentors as my guide. I see many visions, yet have not reached a level to properly express them. I look forward to future expressions of spirit and self, and I thank those who have helped me put form to my thoughts thuis far.

blessings to all the Thunderbirds...You know who you are.
I hope you know how grateful I am.