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Friday, 18 December 2009

Young Thunderbird

"Young Thunderbird" - copyright © don wright 2009

I call this small piece "Young Thunderbird" in honour of the great Thunderbirds. Ritchie Sinclair was coaching me, and he taught me something that Norval taught him. Approach each new art piece as though this was the piece that was going to change the world. Approach your work with love and sincerity. This is paraphrased because I cant remember the specifics, but this is what I carried away in my heart.

I have found myself talking to my paintings and as colour is applied I praise the piece. Now in all honesty, this is far from a masterpiece, YET, every time I look at it, I feel like its going to change the world. Maybe its not my painting thats going to change the world BUT what it depicts. Maybe its not meant to change the world but perhaps to change MY world. Who knows, maybe this immature thunderbird is meant to change your world.

I drew a few Norval style Thunderbirds, and I drew a few Ritchie style Thunderbirds. I was inspired by Ritchies "Thunderbirds" and used it to help me with form, Yet I also added myself in order to give this thunderbird its own personality. Each Thunderbird should be unique and individual I am told.

Heres to young thunderbirds, old thunderbirds, rising thunderbirds, copper, rainbow, and golden thunderbirds. Heres to thunderbirds, past and present and to the great spirit that gives the thunderbird its strength and courage and righteousness.