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Monday, 28 December 2009

Young Thunderbird

"Young Thunderbird is Encouraged by His Community and by The Great Spirits Provisions"
 copyright © don wright 2009
Three Panels

I am young thunderbird.
I am being encouraged in and by the Thunderbird School of Shamanistic Arts.

There are four specific Thunderbirds who have helped me.
They are depicted by the four birds in the outer panels.

The dark green line upon which the painting sits is the Creators timeline.
The lightergreen line that springs from time is the creators provision vine.
This was a gift from the creator.
It contains all things we need to survive in abundant unity.
It is the Garden of Eden
a place of direct access to God.

The green leaves represent food sustenance.
Blue dot, blue center is soul medicine
Blue dot, red center is love and fruit medicine
Blue dot yellow center is knowledge and spirit medicine.
These blue dots are like the creators medicine pills.
They are bigger and better than mere dots.
They represent the essence and perfection of Gods creation.

The circle itself is full of meaning.
Look to the medicine wheel to get a better understanding of the perfect circle.
These perfect circles of good energy that come from Gods creation vine.

The two lines of communication extending from the larger birds are the two thunderbirds who directly help me most. Those are lines of communication that send me not only encouragement, but also extend from me to these peers, as I too nurture and encourage them.
The two smaller birds are thunderbirds I admire and who also encourage me to a lesser yet equally as important extent. Their lines of communications and connectivity are to the vine.
The line of communication from young thunderbird goes to the knowledge and spirit circle.

I bear the cross in my heart,
for I am a vessal of a reconcilled Jesus Christ.
It is He who resides in me,
the Holy Spirit,
The Great Spirit,
the Alpha and the Omega,
the One With all Knowledge and power.
It is the great spirits vine that keeps me connected
and gives me abundant life.