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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Thunderbirds Slay Serpents

"Thunderbird's Slay Serpents" - copyright © don wright 2009

My wife took one look at this painting and said "OH Don! Its so violent. Is that blood? No Don this is not nice. This is definately your most...I mean only violent piece!" What could I say? I told her "sometimes it hurts, but Thunderbirds Slay Serpents....Thats just what they do. I'm not asking you to like it.....hate it...but the righteous act of the Thunderbird must be accomplished...Thats just the way it is with Thunderbirds". You see, Thunderbirds are the last bastions of truth, valour, honour. They are guided by principles of the spirit. You cant buy a true thunderbird. They are not for sale. True Thunderbirds know the value of life in Spirit and are warriors for truth and justice. Thunderbird's Slay Serpents......Thats just what they do. My wife said..."oh ya...well Serpents dont have blood!" I said "They do when they are being slayed by a Thunderbird!" This serpent is dead. The painting is not finished,.....but it is finished.