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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Smelling the Roses

"Smelling the Roses" - copyright © don wright 2009

My favourite roses are the wild ones. I like to stick my nose in and take a deep deep nasel inhale. The fragrance sticks to your nose hairs and the smell stays for many breaths, In fact, sometimes I can even smell them in my dreams. I like to close my eyes. It helps to focus on the smell. Have you ever noticed how smells can trigger memories? When I smell Chanel, I think of my Gramma. When I smell Lilac I think of my wife. Oh, when I smell Lily of the Valley it reminds me of my motherinlaw. Come to think of it, I bet heaven smells like lilly of the valley. We have a ton of lily of the valley on our property. It grow prolific under the shade of our Maples. Any way, I drifted a bit but not really........ stop and smell........ close your eyes and dream.....
and then remember that moment. That moment when time stood still.