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Monday, 28 December 2009

In The Garden

Left to right, top to bottom
"Content" - copyright © don wright 2009
"Resolution Brings Peace" - copyright © don wright 2009
"Butterflies and Medicine" - copyright © don wright 2009
"Complete" - copyright © don wright 2009

I call this series "In The Garden". It began with a vision of "The Garden of Eden". By the way, "The Garden of Eden" and " Great Spirit Praises" have new homes. The Garden od Eden was snapped up, not even 24 hours after it was painted. At any rate, "The Garden of Eden" was one of those plateaus.

I have been exploring the "In The Garden" theme with differant backgrounds. I had previously posted "Content" with a big open hole on the top left. One of my astute brothers noticed and suggested a butterfliy to fill the void and bring balance and better compostition. That was really cool, because, I had envisioned that very thing. I just didnt have the flow of spirit and idea at that time.

I got to thinking, why post an incomplete painting? Well I found that answer quickly. Its all part of learning and growing and my fellow Thunderbirds are full of idea, inspiration and nurturance. I love it when I received comments, both good and bad. hahaha Even the bad begins with an apology. Though thunderbirds are very powerful and to the point, they are also instinctually nurturing.

So I am going to play in the garden for a while. I got inspired to do a Three Part canvass to go above my credenza at the office. That is where I intended to put my Ritchie Sinclair "A Great Spirit" LE, however, since my wife saw it, it doesnt look like its leaving here any time soon. So, I will make my own!

I am very very happy in the garden. This new three part piece is really fun and inspiring. I chose to repeat the red background and added "young thunderbird" to the mix. I am beginning to feel the colours and feel the unity between my heart and mind and the paintbrush.......what a rush! I think I am developing my own style, even though it is very very obvious that these images are inspired and directed by the late Norval Morrisseau. He is teaching me by spirit, his thunderbird apprentices and his great examples of spirit led art.

Close your eyes and join me in the garden for a cup of tea with Norval and his fine Victorian tea set.

inspirational blessings to you