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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Becoming One

"Becoming One" - copyright © don wright 2009

Well there is nothing like learning as you go. You make your mistakes, you try not to repeat them. You learn cool tricks and you try to use them. You learn conventions and try to speak them.

Ritchie taught me that there wasnt really such a thing as a mistake and that often it is a leading. However, in the life of a newby painter sometimes mistakes are just mistakes. I was mixing my paints as Mark had taught me, however, I made my paint a little too watery. I thought hhhmmm a little watery but what the heck. So I applied the paint. Since I am full of myself and like to encourage myself, I lifted the painting to admire. Of course, going from horizontal to verticle causes watery paint to run! Duh. Of course. So I think OK, Ritchie said go with it as a leading. I tried to blow on the paint to mimic more of that drip look. Well of course that just made a mess! and so, I stopped. Took a deep breath. Let the paint dry and I fixed it.

Also, I becan to mix shades of paints. I must remember that I might not see a differance when its wet, BUT wake up in the morning when the sun is out and I sure noticed it! A what the heck; Mistakes and all, this piece was a lot of fun, and if nothing else, I got a chance to practice my Syllabic Signature, which was a gift from a friend.

In case you missed it, I have been using a Cree sylabic signature that spells Don and Sue. The "and" is a unity and equal "and". My wife asked me why I used it, even though she was fast asleep in bed and never even touched the painting. I told her...."cause I like it, it makes me feel whole". She said......"So do I, Those sylabic symbols belong together"

So there you have it.........."Becoming One"

joy in unity, united as one.