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Monday, 9 November 2009

Waabaanakwads Dream

Waabaanakwad had a dream and his dream became reality. He wasnt really happy about how his dream turned out, however, although he had the chance to change things, he chose not to. But suddenly the loon cried out "Waabaanaakwad, dont leave me stranded in this carmel pudding. Carmel pudding is nice, but its poison to a loon! Waabaanakwad decided to seek the help of Waabigwan. Help Waabigwan! I have polluted the waters and I need your beauty. Could you spare some for the loon? Waabigwan agreed. The loon continues to sing and so too does Waabaanakwad!

"Waabaanakwad's Dream" - copyright © don and sue wright 2009