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Sunday, 1 November 2009

"Stardreamer's Peace"

"Stardreamer's Peace" - Copyright © don wright 2009
I dedicate this, my second attempt at art,
to Ritchie Stardreamer Sinclair
and name it Stardreamer's Peace
in his honour
I picture Ritchie embodying the grandfathers teachings as expressed throught the medicine wheel. Ritchies good medicine approach to life is a blessing to others. The dove represents freedom, peace, and Christ which are important to Ritchie. The Tree represents Algonquin Park, which remain with him in full beauty, even when he is in the city. The pictograph represents "spirit boat" and Ritchie's devotion to Shamanistic Art and wisdom of ancestors and the multcolour circle represents the Great Spirit which guides Ritchie, and is revered and experienced by all people groups and cultures.
Thank You Ritchie for encouraging me to take up Thunderbird Art. I already see and feel an improvement. And yes Ritchie, I will always tell my hand, whats in my heart.