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Friday, 6 November 2009

Fun with Paint

"Dusk" - Copyright © don wright 2009

We have a couple of pieces underway. It is slow and meticulous. I am not that patient. I have been first sketching on the canvas and then my wife has been painting overtop. I have learned that I need pencil lines dark enough for my wife to see, yet not too dark that it smudges or miscolours the paint. I was told that some artists dont need to draw first, they just go straight to canvas. After she went to bed, I decided to give it a whirl.

I call this painting "Dusk".
Dusk is a magical time.
There is just enough light
to tie on that last fly.
Just enough light
to illuminate a friend close to you.
Just enough light
to see the loon
hanging on the the last light of day.
We paddled across Emerald Lake at dusk.
We sat in a quiet bay,
shared only with a loon.
His silloutte played against the sunset.
It was magical.
The cry of the loon is praise music
and its presence is a gift.

Now back to reality....First....and I probably wont get past First....I am not pleased with the overall color selection. It seemed the right thing at the time but my perceptions did not reach the results. The gold was the darkest of three yellows. The idea was that it was supposed to be the sun illuminating the water. It rather looks like a bowl of carmel pudding but heh..I like pudding. I had painted the loon pink because it was electrifying against the black, but then the carmel pudding caused the whole painting to get off balance so I changed the loon over to red. I think that even though it is simple, it is a bit busy and maybe alittle less action below the loon would be more soothing.

Anyway, I'm not to criticize too much because this is such a joyful experience. Truly, to allow the creative process to take over, and to float on the wave of the spirit is a magnificent high. I get to experience the joy and excitement of creation. I get to play God in my own little sandbox and ponder and imagine how much more magnificent is God's creation........a masterpeice by the master artist.