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Saturday, 31 October 2009

"Thunderbird Heart" - My First Art

"Thunderbird Heart" - Copyright © don wright 2009

So here it is. My first attempt at Shamanic Art. Actually, its my first attempt at fine art...fine..hahha, I made it with pencil crayons and a sharpie. I call it Thunderbird Heart.

I dedicate this personal expression,
to the Grand Shaman,
Copper Thunderbird,
Norval Morrisseau.
Last night as Ritchie Sinclair and I sat on a bench overlooking a ravine, I made the statement....I'm afraid. Ritchie said Afraid???. Yes. I am afraid to paint. Strange eh? Well, i was never really good at art and I gave up on it at a fairly young age. I never really doodled or fealt any calling to paint or illustrate. Painting is one of those things that I figured I would just never be good at so I never bothered. I do love art with a passion and I love those who are able to produce beautiful art. I just figured I'd be a critic rather than the critcized.
In a previous comment, Ritchie Stardreamer Sinclair, protege and apprentice to the great Norval Morrisseau, suggested that I was proabaly a Thunderbird School Artist. So, I decided, one could never be a Shamanic Artist if one was afraid to here it is.
Thunderbird Heart recognizes the Big Heart of Love that Norval had. At the center of this heart is the medicine wheel because from his heart came healing and greater understanding. Norvals heart is attached to his tongue and his mind and his eyes as he translated the principles of people unity through the colors of the Anishinaabe. The Great Spirit binds these principles and returns them to Mother Earth for generations to come.