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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Thursday, 6 December 2018


J'ai vécu ici huit ans et demi et je ne comprends toujours pas, mais je suis si proche. J'ai écouté et essayé mais mes amis et ma communauté sont trop gentils. Ils parlent anglais pour moi afin que je ne me sente pas exclu et ils ne veulent pas écouter quand je leur demande de ne parler que le français. J'ai besoin d'immersion. J'ai besoin de lutter. J'ai besoin de tout utiliser dans ma boîte à outils et de sortir du placard pour le faire. Lorsque les gens connaissent ma mission, ils m'aident. Ils parlent plus lentement. Ils vont me dire les mots. Je vais demander de l'aide. Je dois être un immigré au paradis sans autre choix que de parler la langue de mes amis. Le prochain recensement canadien aura lieu en 2021 et j'ajouterai fièrement mon nom à la liste des canadiens francophones. J'ai besoin d'être prêt.

I have lived here for eight and a half years and I still do not understand, but I'm so close. I have listened and tried but my friends and my community are too kind. They speak English for me so that I do not feel excluded, and they do not want to listen when I ask them to speak only French. I need immersion. I need to fight. I need to use everything in my toolbox and get out of the closet to do it. When people know my mission, they will help me. They will speak more slowly. They will tell me the words. I will ask for help. I want to be an immigrant to paradise with no choice but to speak the language of my friends. The next Canadian census will take place in 2021 and I will proudly add my name to the list of French Canadians. I need to be ready.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Ça Ç'est Mon Rêver ~ Art de Rêve

Je suis Anglais. Ma maison est en Franco Ontario. I live in West Nipissing. Plupart de mes amis sont francais. I only have a few english friends here. J'ai vecu ici pendant 8.5 ans maintenant. I am disappointed that I have not yet learned le lange francais and I am disappointed that je ne peux pas parler a mes amis dans le langue. Tout le petite ville parlez en anglais pour moi...pour moi, so that I can faire partie de le petite ville. Tout le petite ville m'aide to learn to parler en francais. I MUST LEARN!!!! Je dois apprendre...pour moi, pour mes amis, pour le communite, pour le petite ville, pour le province et pour aime et pour mon art. Ca c'est mon rever. Le reve m'a dit...reve...reve..un grande reve...c'est possible! and it will be so.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Winter Wonderland

"Winter Wonderland" don wright 2018
We shovelled snow last night and again this morning and its still snowing now,
Its a winter wonderland!!!!

Happy New Year 2018

"Happy New Year 2018" don wright 2018
I doodled this on New Years Eve
Happy New Year Everyone! 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Stolen Art - Returned Art

I always knew that at some point, someone would steal my art. I often pondered how it would make me feel and how I would react. While the 3 pieces of art that were stolen had a monetary value of $800.00, and cost me 3 weeks of labor, it represents something even greater. When I create art, I do so out of an internal need to create. I pour my love and prayers into my art. I believe that the act of creation is the goal and reward. I also believe that every piece of art I create has a home. I and the shop or gallery owner have responsibility to provide foster care until the art is adopted. I feel badly for the store owner who has been faced with such negative vibes. I pray for peace. I most of all feel badly for the thief. I feel badly for the desperation that has driven them to break the law of truth and honesty. I feel badly that their life's journey has stolen their goodness and I can assure you, that they must live within the world they have created. I pray for reconciliation. I pray that the thief will look carefully at the art which was stolen and allow it to bring healing and reconciliation. The art was created with this intent. I created this art with love and in the spirit of pastorship. May this art serve as the turning point. You can give up on the old and embrace the new. You can embrace truth and love and feel whole and you can rise above that which has stolen so much from you. Do not be afraid to embrace the light.

UPDATE. My art was returned to me today. There was a lot of public pressure and awareness. The images of the gentlemen were splashed on FB and shared well over 300 times. Since the thieves live in North Bay, it became impossible to escape recognition and they made a better choice this time. The art was returned. I applaud their decision to embrace the light.

Final Update
I did not press charges. The gallery owner did not press charges. The gentleman responsible returned on his own good conscience to apologize. He spent some time with the gallery keeper and together they had a wonderful discussion I am told. We knew he was a good man who made a bad choice at a time of weakness and desperation. He was yearning what the art was providing and that was a pretty big compliment to me. I dont know where he is these days, but I sure would love to give him a piece of art.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Music in the Forest

For the Love of Music
8x10 Signed Open Edition Print
Copyright don wright 2017

Loonie Guitar Doodle
8x10 Signed Open Edition Print
Copyright don wright 2017

Making Music
8x10 Signed Open Edition Print
Copyright don wright 2017

Music in the Forest
8x10 Signed Open Edition Print
Copyright don wright 2017

Natures Band
8x10 Signed Open Edition Print
Copyright don wright 2017

PLaying in a Band
8x10 Signed Open Edition Print
Copyright don wright 2017

Rockin in the Forest
8x10 Signed Open Edition Print
Copyright don wright 2017

The Double Neck Guitar
8x10 Signed Open Edition Print
Copyright don wright 2017

Friday, 12 May 2017

Voyages of Rediscovery

"Voyages of Rediscovery" don wright 2017

I doodle this in honor of, and inspired by Voyages of Rediscovery

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

it snowed and snowed and snowed

"It snowed and snowed and snowed" don wright 2017
12x12 Sharpiedoodle on canvas

decorating the tree

"Decorating the Tree" don wright 2017
16x20 Sharpiedoodle on Canvas
formally known as The Forest

bus point - emerald lake

"Bus Point - Emerald Lake" don wright 2017
16x20 Sharpiedoodle on Canvas


"Papa" don wright
16x20 Sharpiedoodle on Canvas

Friday, 30 December 2016

Thursday, 29 December 2016